Bernadette’s Maternity

Let me tell you how interesting and amazing this photo shoot was! The photo shoot started out perfect, as you can see by the gorgeous light in those field photos. Bernadette looks like a Goddess!

As we got closer to the beach, the winds picked up and all of the sudden we were taking photos in freezing, crazy winds! So, big shout out to Bernadette and her sweet family for working through it. Basically, the motto throughout the whole photo shoot was just to embrace the wind! And Bernadette still looks heavenly with her hair blowing around.

Congrats on a beautiful pregnancy Bernadette, and I cannot wait to photograph your babies birth!



The Batts-Millaudon Family

This was such a fun photo shoot. This family is not only so sweet, but they are all also very photogenic! I mean look at those eyes on those girls and that sweet baby boy!

Also, this was my first cake smash, and it was SO MUCH FUN! I want everyone to contact me for their cake smashing’s! Because there is nothing like capturing babies eating cake.

Thank you to the Batts-Millaudon family for letting me capture their sweet family!



The Well’s

No on to my sister. I have taken photo’s of my sister’s family a lot, and this is by far my favorite shoot. I guess that is what happens when you grow and improve! Anyway, my nieces and nephews are active children, but they are seriously some of my favorite to photograph because I have to get with THEIR program. I have to get low and let them be silly and have fun in order to capture their smiles. It is so fun for me to do and helps me connect with my family better. I must say, these kids are getting better at stopping and smiling, but I still love their silly photos the most!dsc_4219dsc_4262dsc_4271dsc_4290dsc_4314dsc_4334dsc_4374dsc_4384dsc_4451dsc_4577




The Vieira’s

Kate is one of my best friends! Her and I have been friends for something like 7 years. These photos turned out cute, but it was a hard shoot. It was absolutely freezing and we started the photos WAY too late! Haha note to self: When photographing close friends, it’s probably best to do the shoot before going to chick fil a…because you know we love talking and children eat slow!