Emerald and Kevin!

Only 3 months later and I am finally getting around to updating my website! Life with kids is busy and hard.

I have so many feelings towards this family and these photos. Thank you to Emeralds mom, Ginger for taking a chance on me. This is my first wedding, and I know that can be nerve racking for some clients. I had so much fun and am really happy with how the photos turned out. Emerald and Kevin have such a pure and fun love. They were smiling and laughing the whole day! I loved watching them, and I loved being a part of their big day.

This photo shoot was also special for me because it confirmed to me that not only can I totally do this, but also that I LOVE photographing weddings! There is just something so special about capturing two people who are so in love!

Congratulations Emerald and Kevin, I hope married life is treating you well.

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