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Well, I am 26. And it feels the same as me being 25. Except that I realize I am that much closer to 30.

So, as I said in my previous post, my parents came into town to surprise me for my birthday. They spent the whole weekend here. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have them here. I may be 26, but I still need my parents. That was made very clear as they were here.

Anyway, I just want to express how amazing my parents are. They are two people who I look to as an example in many things. My parents raised 6 kids, and while I will not try to say they were perfect, I do believe they parented very well and I still turn to my parents for parenting guidance. I can’t even count the amount of times I have called my mom asking for parenting advice, and she usually tries to direct me to my sisters because parenting today is different then back then. Haha but I still call her all the time.

My parents have been an example to me of righteous living. Again, I am not going to pretend that they have never faltered in their faith. But they raised me to be a follower of Christ, they taught me to pray, reminded me that I am a child of God, and taught me the importance of obedience and the blessings we receive when we follow Gods commandments.

They have taught me the importance of hard work, and never giving up hope. My dad is the hardest worker I know! He has dedicated his life to working for his family. I will never forget the day I asked why he was always working, and why he wouldn’t just take a break. And he said, “did it ever occur to you that I actually like working?” It hadn’t. But because of his hard work my family has been blessed, I have been blessed my kids and nieces and nephews have been blessed. My mom is the perfect example of moving forward with hope. I often remind myself that it will all work out somehow, I do this because my mom used to remind me that as I grew up. She taught me how to trust that things will work out, and if they don’t she taught me how to pick myself back and up and be resilient.

My parents have been an amazing support for me and my family. I know I am so lucky to have parents who I can rely on, who I know would do anything for me if I truly needed it. I feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing parents.

I only hope to become even half as good as them!

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