Photo of the Day

Columbus Day, Beach Day!


As you can tell based on the post title, we spent our Columbus Day on the beach. Well, and cleaning the house. Our friends, the Browns, invited us to the beach and I was certain Andrew would say no, because he hates the beach…well he hates sand. Luckily, when I asked, he said “it’s up to you.” So, we went to the beach. 🙂

And I am glad we did, because I got this glorious butt crack photo of my children. It’s funny, because literally my kids are always showing their butt crack. Cora has a small booty, and Crew has a big belly which makes it so his pants don’t fit right. Haha, I love my kids.

The other good thing about going to the beach today is that I finally remembered to bring our beach tent, that my mom gave us before coming here. And basically that sold Andrew on the beach. In his words, “well, as long as we have this I would actually not mind coming to the beach more often!” So, hopefully that means I will get a little bit more sunshine in my life, and more cute photos of my kids at the beach.

Still doing my social media fast. It has been interesting. I literally picked up my phone to look at it, and just stared at it when I realized I couldn’t get on Facebook or Instagram. My thought was…”well then what is the point of this phone!” HAHAHA how terrible is that?! I am not cool enough to have people text me, and I don’t have a bunch of games on my phone. So, I started reading my scriptures on my phone instead. So, the social media fast is going good so far.


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