Photo of the Day

Two Extremes


Today I woke up cranky. You know those types of days? Where you just wake up mad and with a short fuse. I mean I was probably only up for maybe a half-hour and I was talking to Andrew and he said, “whats wrong?” And I stopped and thought, “what does he mean?” and then I realized I was talking to him in a very annoyed and sassy tone. So, yeah that is how my day started.

On the other hand, today members of the Church had the opportunity to listen and watch the prophet and apostles (the leaders of our church and the world) speak. This happens twice a year and it is always something I look forward to because it is uplifting!

So I felt very pulled in two extremes today as I both felt cranky and yet uplifted. So I guess you could say it’s been kind of an emotionally tiring day. I took this picture of Cora and I (trying to make it as unposed as I could) because when mom is cranky and gets mad at you for silly things, she needs cuddles. This was the best I could do taking a picture of us two by myself! Haha.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that (know that quote?). Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and be normal-ish again.

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