Photo of the Day

Good Dog


You know I used to always kind of laugh inside when people would gush about their dogs. I guess because I had never felt that attachment to an animal before. My whole life I only ever had small animals that died easily. Fish. Hamsters. A few frogs. I grew up with cats and dogs and once upon a time I loved cats. I even had my own cat, but we live in the middle of the foothills where there are a lot of coyotes and some mountain lions and bears. Anyway, she didn’t last very long. As sad as that is. Let’s just say I learned about the circle of life at a young age. Haha

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I never understood the crazy love people have had for their pets. Until now. Well, for the most part (there is still plenty of time for my love for Molly to grow and for us to bond).

Molly drives me up a wall sometimes! And I just think to myself, “why did I decide to get a German Shepherd/Husky mix as my first dog ever!” German Shepherds are smart, Husky’s are hyperactive and escape artists…so I have a smart, crazy, escape artist for a dog.

But, dang she is sweet. And she loves me for some odd reason. She follows me around all the time and has proven that she is loyal. It is nice to know that if I was ever in danger I am pretty sure she would destroy whoever was after me. So, yeah I love this sassy dog! Today, she was really good. She was patient and obedient. I am sure tomorrow she will drive me insane again, but hey…that is life with kids (including dogs!).

Also…should I start offering mini animal photo shoot sessions? Would anyone be interested in that?

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