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2 Is Better Than 1


Gasp! I skipped another day. Sorry, life has been kind of crazy/overwhelming so I just haven’t had room to think about anything lately.

Can someone explain something to me! Why are babies attracted to wires! Maybe it’s just my kids but both Cora when she started crawling and Crew now will crawl great lengths just to get their mouths on that black computer/tv/charger wire across the room! I don’t understand. They have chew toys, but no…that wire is just too appetizing. Anyway, I just thought of that as I was sitting here watching my son crawl ALL the way across the living room for the controller wire. Don’t worry I stopped him.

I. Am. Exhausted. I don’t know why, but I am. Well, I kind of do know why. Because I watch kids all day. Andrew and I have been car hunting (he needs a car, he is going crazy using the bus), and so Andrew has been on a car testing spree. Yesterday he didn’t get home till like 8:30, the day before that he came home, ate dinner, and left to meet someone at 8:00. Today he came home, and ate dinner and met someone at 6:30 and now is at a young men’s (church youth group) activity. Even though I often get the kids to bed by myself on weekdays because Andrew has homework, it is just so much more tiring when he is not even home. And while I know that Andrew comes home and eats dinner and then works on homework until 9:00 pm, there is still just something different when he isn’t even home!

Did any of that make sense? I feel like it didn’t, and I could read over it again and make edits…but I don’t feel like doing that. So I am just going to keep talking.

When Andrew was gone for basic training (boot camp) and AIT (Army Job Training) I lived with his mom and brother and sister. And so they would go off to school and and then come home and be available to help hold or play with Cora while I did stuff like make dinner or run errands. But still, with all of that, it was hard not to have Andrew around. There is something about having both the Mom and Dad around that makes a huge difference!

So, the last few days have been hard because I have done the usual 12 hours (6am to 6pm) with Andrew in classes, but then instead having his presence here for the rest of the night while I get Cora and Crew to bed, he just isn’t here all together and for some reason getting Cora and Crew to bed is SO MUCH MORE TIRING!

I guess there is just something about having Andrew nearby that eases my stress and makes it easier for me to parent even if he is not actively involved. Anyway, sorry I am just blabbing here.

Am I alone in feeling this way?


P.s. First rainbow I’ve seen here.

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