Photo of the Day

One Day


I made a grave mistake about an hour ago.

I realized that I had gone the whole day and hadn’t taken a photo of anything, and I didn’t post anything yesterday. So I was trying to come up with something to write about and take pictures of now that it’s dark outside and there is nothing but terrible house lighting. So I foolishly thought to myself… “I feel like we are finally getting a hang of bed time. Crew does not take long to fall asleep anymore, and Cora has been doing pretty good. Maybe I will write about that.”

Well that was dumb, to think something like that and assume that it would happen again tonight. Especially since Andrew is out. Silly me.

So this picture basically sums up how things are going right now. Crew actually did go to bed super well, only a few minutes of crying. But Cora is still up…jumping on her bed and chewing on something. The only reason why I know this of course is because I have a video monitor. I am starting to think that it was a bad idea to get one of these things. I mean my parents had no idea if we were going to sleep once the door was closed. Unless they heard us talking. But other then that they would just assume we were asleep unless we came out of our rooms. I feel like I might be less stressed about my kids falling asleep if I wasn’t able to watch them and wait for them to fall to sleep.

Apparently, a video monitored child never sleeps. Just like a watched pot never boils.

One day right? I keep telling myself that. One day Cora will go to sleep on her own just fine. One day Crew wont cry himself to sleep. One day I wont look like a zombie. One day I will get uninterrupted sleep.

One day.


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