Photo of the Day



Ok so technically this was not the first time Crew has had baby food, but the first time I tried to give baby food to him was a few days ago and silly me fed it to him while we were having lunch as opposed to when he was actually hungry!

So this was basically the first time he had baby food because he was actually interested in eating it. He did pretty good! And as always it was fun to just see him try real food (well sort of real) and put it in the books for one of his many firsts.

Another first: today, Crew started  pushing himself up to where he holds himself with just his hands and tip toes. Haha, he pushes his little bum up in the air and just does this downward dog pose! I can’t believe how strong he is, and for having so much weight on him it impresses me even more with how well he is doing physically.

Finally, a first for me. I went to an allergist and turns out I am allergic to mice! Which is great, because then if any of my kids ask to get a mouse as a pet, I have a completely solid reason as to why they cannot have one. I may stretch that reason to include rats and other rodents as well…

So here is my question…if I am allergic to mice, does that mean I am also allergic to rats?

It’s been a pretty good day. We took Molly to the dog park, then did some much needed shopping. I got Crew some totally adorable outfits because he has grown out of all his clothes already! So I am excited for him to wear the clothes we got him. I was also reminded about how much fun girl clothes are, don’t get me wrong, I love some of the cute boy clothes but dang, bows and ruffles and sparkly things! They are so fun! And yeah, that’s basically it.

It was a relaxing Saturday for the most part. 🙂

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