Photo of the Day

A Day


This is a moody photo. Haha. But I just thought, “I do this a lot and it represents my life as a mother very well, so why not take a picture of it!”

Fellow moms, have you been here? Sitting outside your child’s door looking at your phone to keep you from going crazy. Either your there because your sweet baby is crying and you are just trying to help them learn to fall asleep without being rocked or nursed. Or maybe your toddler is throwing a tantrum and you are letting her get it out, but you want to stay close so that you can be there when she has decided to calm down.

Or in this case, you are sitting there doing both! In the best way I know how to say it, it’s been a day (or really a week!) and I need a break. Hahaha which is so lame because I only have two kids. How do you moms of more than two do it?!

So Molly got out of our back yard today. Someone picked her up and took her to petsmart because she has a rabies tag from them, so I met the lady at the park with Crew on my hip and Cora playing. The lady let Molly out of her car and of course Molly ran off again because, you know, squirrels are the dog equivalent of crack apparently. Luckily, Molly came back pretty quick after that. So now I was holding Molly by the collar, Crew in one hand, and Cora following me…then Cora ran off! And I couldn’t chase her because you know, I am dragging a dog and holding an almost 20lb baby! So I finally caught up to her and we got home. Molly and Cora both went into time out, and basically that one episode took everything out of me.

So, now I’m exhausted. But you know that is life with kids, and I am so grateful to have them!

I was able to do a family photo shoot today. As always it was super fun watching them all together, I love seeing other families interact and see the love they have for each other! I hope I captured it in their photographs. 🙂

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