Photo of the Day

Haircuts And Crying It Out


I can’t even express how much I love my kids. I have had a lot of fun with them lately. Cora just got her first hair cut today thanks to my friend Katie! Not going to lie it was actually kind of hard to watch. I didn’t realize how attached I was to her hair until I saw it get cut off. But she needed it so bad, and doesn’t she just look adorable! Katie did a good job. Also, Cora decided to wear her swimsuit around the house today, which is pretty funny. She is so silly sometimes, and I find that if I am not careful I will smother that silliness with my boring adult self. I had a friends recently say that when she had children she had to relearn how to play and have fun like a child (I hope I am not butchering her statement too much). That has been a lesson to me, I need to do the same. I know this has kind of been what I have been saying the last few days but I guess that is just the lesson I need to learn this week. And Cora is doing her best to remind me how to be silly and fun and enjoy life.

Moving on from all these random self-reflective thoughts going on in my head…


Crew has been really fighting sleep lately. Insisting on making me nurse him to sleep. Well for his nap today I let him cry it out, which was so sad and hard to do. But he needs to learn to go to sleep on his own!!! I am going to try to keep it going, and fingers crossed he learns quickly.  It’s a good thing children are so forgiving. When he woke up with his nap he greeted me with a ton of smiles! So you know I had to get a picture, not to mention this is still one of my favorite outfits for Crew to wear. I just think he looks so stinking cute in these stripes!


I’ve got to say how much I love watching Cora and Crew develop a sibling bond! It has been so fun to see how much Cora loves him and how Crew loves her and recognizes her more and more every week. She makes him smile, even when she is smothering him so much it looks like torture.

I am so grateful for these beautiful children in my life! They make me crazy sometimes, but their spirits are bright and they humble me and teach me life lessons all the time. I only hope I can raise them right and be the mom that they deserve.

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