Photo of the Day

Kids Will Be Kids


Yes, that is my daughter with dirt around her face….because she ate dirt. This is the first time. My friends sweet daughter came up to me and told me that Cora was eating dirt and I turned around to see that, indeed, she was and thought, “I could get mad, but is it really that big of a deal?” Anyway, I told Cora calmly that she shouldn’t eat dirt because it’s yucky and we moved on with our lives. Haha.

Last night, Cora once again threw a fit about going to bed. She has been doing that lately. And the last few times she has done it, it has really made me super angry. Well, Andrew has been stressed with classes lately and so he was away studying with some guys from his class and I just felt exhausted! Exhausted that once again Cora was throwing a fit about going to bed. And I am so done with the fight. That finally I stopped the fight. Anytime she got out of bed I asked her if she wanted to put herself to bed or was mommy going to have to do it. She would cry “no!” and I just quietly picked her up and put her in her bed, and left. And we repeated that probably 10 times. She even woke up Crew which almost broke me and got me to get mad at her. But I held it in and put her back in bed without a word. Finally, she came out and asked for a drink. I told her she had to get in bed and I would bring her one. She did, she got some water, and then stayed in her bed and quickly fell asleep.

I realize that yes, I have a two year old. And yes, she is currently putting truth in the statement “terrible twos.” But what is making this phase even harder, is MY “terrible twos.”

I realized I am not handling Cora being two better than she is handling being two. I let myself get angry, and over what?! The fact that my daughter is going through a completely normal transition? A transition that I have been prepared for. So why make it worse than it already is for her by me getting upset. And often, getting upset over little things. Things that just don’t deserve my temper. Like eating dirt. So many kids have eaten dirt and lived, that I think it’s going to be ok. We will survive, and kids will be kids.


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