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I always underestimate the power of music. I really like music, I used to write songs on the guitar and I enjoy listening to it when I am alone in the car. But music also often overwhelms me. I am the type of person that turns down the music when I am looking for a street sign. I don’t drive with the music playing very much, especially if there are other people in the car because I typically just like talking…or hearing myself talk! Haha. And if music is too loud it tends to aggravate me, in fact I have a very hard time thinking or even paying attention to other people when music is playing. Maybe I am just ADD, I don’t know, but I cannot do homework while listening to music or even have a conversation really.

So, with all that in mind you can see why I don’t often think to play music in my house.

Well, another tidbit about me… If I don’t do something active by 11 am, my whole day is shot. I will sit around in my pj’s for the rest of the day and be a couch potato.

So, that happened to me today! I got to where it was almost dinner time and I had done nothing! The laundry piles are still waiting for me, and the kitchen was still dirty. And I have a hard time having any desire to cook if the kitchen is already dirty. So I started thinking about what fast food we could possibly get for dinner.

Then I had an idea, I turned on some music and I couldn’t believe how much my motivation improved. I cleaned the kitchen and started on dinner! And dinner was good! After a while, I could feel myself getting overwhelmed with the noise and so I turned it off. But DANG! I have got to remember that on those days that I have no energy. I NEED to turn on music.

Maybe, I should turn on music the moment I wake up. Then my days would always start motivated and productive! Anyway, random thoughts. But I just wanted to share this little epiphany I had today.

I took this picture of Cora yesterday. She was dancing to some song in her head, and I thought it was fitting since every time I turn on music Cora starts dancing! I have better ones of her that aren’t blurry but I like the motion aspect of this one. 🙂

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