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I Want To Be A Light


For the past few days I have thought a lot about what kind of person I want to be. And in Relief Society (the woman’s organization in our church) today we talked about serving others and how we can do that. So that really progressed this train of thought I have been on for a few days now. So like I said I have been thinking about who I want to be, and what I hope people think of when my name gets brought up, and what type of legacy I want to leave everywhere I go.

My mind keeps going to this woman that was friends of my family/parents. She died in a car accident. And when she died tons of people commented on a Facebook post announcing her funeral about how she was a dear friend of theirs and how she always made them feel special. And later my mom told me how impressed she was with this friend. Because it seemed that everyone who knew her felt like they were her best friend. And how sweet is that, that this woman treated everyone like her best friend. That she went through the energy to remember details about their lives, listen when they spoke, and was always happy to see them. To me that is an amazing woman. Her legacy has always stuck with me.

So, I have thought a lot about her over the past few days, and how I want to be like that. I am not saying I want to be liked or have lots of friends or anything. But I desire to be a light. When I leave, whether it’s moving away or going home to my Heavenly Father, I want to leave a light there. I want to leave everyone I meet with happier and uplifted. I want to help others feel loved, and important, and cherished.

And I know I have a lot to work on. And unfortunately a lot of that work needs to be done in my own home. But it’s something I truly am working towards.


Furthermore, I desperately want my children to be like that also. I want my children to be happy and have friends, and I am so scared of them being bullied or becoming an outcast because I just don’t want them to experience that. But, I am more scared of my children being the bully or out-casting others. And I hope that I can teach them how to love, and be kind, and uplift others at ALL times. Not just in front of them, but when they are with others talking about another person, I pray that they will learn to only let nice things leave their mouths. I pray that when they are driving or even just thinking in their heads, that they are kind and loving towards others.


Anyway, I guess I just wanted to voice that desire I have. And I hope those who might be reading this and thinking of times I have not made them feel special are willing forgive me and give me another chance to get to know them and practice being a kinder person.


P.s. this is a photo of me “thinking”. HAHAHA

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