Photo of the Day

Bye Bye Pacifier


Guys the pacifier is gone. Officially! At one point Cora needed her teddy, her blanket, two pacifiers (one in her mouth and the other in her hand) AND her bottle to go to sleep. Today, we are down to just her blanket and teddy.

Here is how it went:

Yesterday, I told her we were going to throw the pacifiers away because they were yucky and because she didn’t need them anymore. When I said that, her big blue eyes started welling up like crazy. So we talked a bit more about how she is growing up and that she is a big girl and how her cousins and a lot of her friends no longer sleep with pacifiers. Eventually, she agreed to throw them away. We even cut them up and she thought that was extra fun. We did that in the middle of the day. As bedtime neared I reminded her that the pacifiers where in the trash and we even looked in and saw them and watched as daddy took out the bag and threw it in the bin outside. All was good. Until it was actually time for bed.

Last night was probably one of the hardest nights with Cora I have ever experienced! It was awful! And I really struggled. I was really mad at her. And you know, I was prepared, I knew it was going to be a rough night. And still I almost lost my mind!!!

And then I felt awful for being so impatient. #momlife

Thank goodness for my husband, who came home and was the calm she needed and she eventually fell asleep.

Well, tonight was much better. We had a VERY long day, to the point where Cora was falling asleep in her chair before dinner time. We had a few melt downs before we were able to get her into bed (not surprising with how tired she was), but once we got her in bed, she passed out and never mentioned her pacifiers. Not once.


Now I know what your thinking! What kind of insane mom, sneaks into her toddlers bedroom at night and takes a picture of her daughter sleeping after she has taken away the pacifiers?!

Well, the light is coming from her night light for one, so I did not turn on a light. I am just holding the light a bit closer to her face. And, the only reason why I knew I could get away with it, was because I knew how tired she was and that at this point nothing would wake her. So I felt confident she was going to be just fine. I also only took one photo! One shot, and that was it. And now I have this peaceful photo of my crazy toddler to keep forever.

I did take a picture of her doorknob just in case the sleeping photo didn’t work. Aren’t you so glad I have this photo? So much better than a photo of a doorknob.

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