Photo of the Day

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Boy!


6 months ago today I held this sweet boy for the first time in my arms. It was the middle of the night, Andrew watched the birth on his phone, and I had my mom and sister there cheering me on. It was a hard pregnancy in many ways and I remember being so elated that he was here in my arms that I couldn’t even cry or feel anything accept just gratitude that he was finally here.

I honestly cannot believe it has gone that quick. And looking at this picture I just can’t believe my sweet little boy is so big, at the same time I love that his tongue is sticking out because it reminds me that he is still little. He has had his tongue sticking out since the moment he was born, and if I remember right I have an ultrasound photo where you can see his tongue. This boy loves sticking his tongue out!

Anyway, happy half birthday Crew. You have made me unbelievably happy and you seriously melt my heart every day.


On a side note: I am congratulating myself for making it through this day. 2 doctors appointments and a 2 year old that woke up whiny and upset. Honestly, I don’t think I would have survived if it wasn’t for my friend who watched Cora for one of the appointments, the super nice radiologists and nurses that helped me with my kids, and one of Cora’s friends had a birthday party that we went to right after my 2nd appointment, and that lifted her spirits! So hurray for making it through a crazy day!


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