Photo of the Day

Slow Down Mommy


I wish I could do the emoji with all the heart eyes, because I adore this photo. And guess what, it is not staged (to be honest most of my photos aren’t and the rest are only partially staged)! I made pizza today (it was delicious by the way, more on that later) and I was rolling the dough out. Cora was getting the before dinner hangry’s so I had decided to have her help me with dinner to keep her mind off of it and to stop whining. So we measured the ingredients and watched them mix and I talked her through everything. It was so cute because she repeated it all back to me and started asking what everything was.

“This is flour.”

“This is a cupboard.”

“This is a stove, no touching the stove because it’s hot.”

That is basically how it went. Anyway, I was rolling out the dough and Cora asked if she could help. Instantly the controlling side of me wanted to say, “no this is a job for mommy.” But a small voice in my head said, “what is the big deal if she helps rolling out the dough?” Really! What is the big deal? What, because it might take twice as long? Who cares?! I was reminded that I need to look for ways to say yes, and to not be so uptight. So I let her roll out the dough and quickly ran to get my camera to document it.

So I captured this awesome photo, and you know what Cora did just a few seconds after I took this shot? She said, “mommy’s turn!”

GASP! You mean to tell me that all those times when Cora was playing with friends and I said to her “take turns,” “it’s your friends turn now,” “share,” you mean some of that has actually sunk in!!!!!

Proud mommy moment.

So I quickly said thank you and pointed out to her that that was very good sharing and we continued to take turns after that until the dough was ready to go on the pizza stone.

I am so happy that I do this photo of the day journal. Because this photo will now be a reminder to me of what great things happen when I chill out, and enjoy time with my daughter. When she was whining I could have told her to go play with her toys, I could have put a show on, I could have done a lot of things. But I decided to invite her to cook with me and it ended up being a fun time together that consisted of learning and bonding and proud mommy moments!

I am so glad I chose to do that, and I am so glad I have a photo documenting that!

I hope this helps you (whoever is reading this) to remember to slow down sometimes, remember that your kids have little legs and can’t always keep up with your fast paced world. And if we don’t slow down, we will miss their growth. We will miss opportunities to parent, and teach, and love, and learn. If we don’t relax and enjoy moments with our children we will find that they will not slow down for us later in life, and they will not choose to share those moments with us.



Now onto a lighter note. This pizza! It was delicious!!!!! Hear me out because it sounds crazy…a honey mustard sauce, cheese, sweet potato, kielbasa sausage, and onions. No joke it was amazing!

Ok, that’s it. Have a great night!

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