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Terrible 2’s


Today Cora threw an epic tantrum. The day started out good, we went to the park and she played and had fun. We had lunch and everything was good. Then just like a light switch, everything went bad! She threw a fit because she had to go potty but didn’t want to go and I made her sit on the toilet. The tears wouldn’t stop after that so I suggested a break in her room and either reading a book or taking a nap. So she cried in her room for a good 30 to 40 minutes. I wasn’t heartless, I went in and checked on her and eventually told her that she could come downstairs only if she proved to me that she could calm herself down and be happy. So eventually Cora came downstairs and now here we are, we have managed to make it through the day alive.

And now I feel exhausted!

If anyone knows Cora they know that she is a happy, easy going, silly girl. She lights up a room, and chooses to be happy most of the time. Often I have had family and friends ask if she ever gives me trouble. And I just laugh. Haha..ha.

Let me just tell you, the terrible 2’s have hit us hard this last month! I swear it’s like a huge wrecking ball came swinging and hit our home, and Andrew and I have be left staring at her like…what happened! Suddenly, “no” is the most said word in our home and is said in the most sassy, angsty teenager/toddler way! And I am pretty sure my ears are going to explode from all the whining I am hearing.

So I guess this is my initiation into the motherhood of the terrible 2’s! I thought I was prepared, but I don’t think anyone can prepare for this. And I never thought I would find myself staring at my toddler throwing a fit in my kitchen and seriously have no idea what to do. I have studied parenting, I have done research for a long time, way before I was in college even because it always fascinated me, and the basics of good parenting make sense to me. But for some reason the 2’s hit and I am stumped! I have never been so unsure of my parenting as I am now!

I guess we all just try our best and pray we don’t mess up our kids too much. But, yeah, they weren’t kidding when they called them the terrible 2’s!

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