Photo of the Day



Well it only took us about 6 months about Andrew and I finally got Crew’s crib set up! And it could not have come a minute sooner. Up until this point I have been sudo-co-sleeping with Crew. My dad made me an amazing co-sleeping bed that goes right against my mattress, but Crew has been a mattress snob and I guess he decided the bassinet mattress in the co-sleeper was not good enough for him. So he only slept on it occasionally. I guess that just means I need to have another child some day to properly use that co-sleeper!!! 😉 That wont be happening for a while…

Anyway, so I have been worried about transitioning Crew to his crib because I wasn’t sure if he was a mattress snob or that he just preferred sleeping by mommy! But seriously, this transition has been going so smooth! 10x better than it did with Cora. He is so amazing, I set him in the crib, and he fusses or makes little noises for maybe 5 minutes max and then goes to sleep. Cora used to fight it so much, and I had to get her asleep in my arms first and then slip her in the crib without waking her. So yeah, I am pretty excited about how well Crew is doing!

Today he was taking a nap, and we had to leave, so unfortunately I had to go and interrupt his nap. When I went in, he didn’t even stir. And I enjoyed watching him sleep for a second. And then I ran downstairs to get some pictures because I couldn’t help it. He is so stinking cute! I mean come on! Look at those rubber band wrists and dimpled hands!

I’m praying this transition continues to go smooth and hopefully he will be sleeping through the night without nursing real soon!


P.s. As you can tell my computer is fixed again! Shout out to Monterey Computer & Smartphone Repair for helping me!!!!

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