Italian Festival

Well, my computer isn’t working. So that’s annoying. You never realize how much you need the internet until you don’t have it. My computer is connecting to our internet, says it has internet but then will not load the internet, so if anyone knows how to fix my computer and wants to help me, that would be great!

So I am typing this on my phone. Haha, that is commitment guys.

Anyway, today the family and I went to an Italian Festival here in Monterey. The festival itself was only so so. There wasn’t much to do or see, but we bought overpriced pizza, listened to italian music and enjoyed the beautiful weather. So it was nice just to get out!

We also took our dog with us, and she did great! It was the first time we have ever taken her with us to something like that. So it’s a comfort knowing she can handle something like that. We also got stopped like every few minutes as people commented on how beautiful of a dog she is. Haha, it is hard knowing what to say when someone compliments your dog. Like when people compliment your baby you can say thank you and it isn’t weird because…well you’re half the reason why the baby is so cute, and your spouse is that other half. But like, we aren’t the reason why our dog is beautiful…haha so someone compliments our dog and I found myself saying thank you sometimes and yup other times and just smiling awkwardly most of the time because I’m awkward like that.

Bottom line, it was a pretty good day Saturday. I hope yours was too!

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