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Juice Is The Devil


Yes you heard that right. I am officially swearing off juice for my daughter in my home! The only reason why we ever have it is because we are on WIC and they provide it for us. But today tensions are high in our home and juice is part of the reason for that.

If you are someone who doesn’t have the desire to hear about my daughter peeing her pants then this post might not be for you.

Today Cora, Crew, and I picked up Andrew from class because I had a bunch of prescriptions I needed to pick up. On the way home I decided it would be fun to stop by McDonalds and get treats. Ice cream for me, a drink for Andrew, Apple Juice for Cora and fries for us to share. Cora drank her apple juice and all was fine. Until we got home and she was home for about 10 minutes, and then peed her pants with absolutely no more than a 3 second warning.  I reminded her to tell me she has to go potty before it was too late and mopped it up and changed her pants.

After she was all cleaned up, I took her and Molly out on what was going to be a short walk to the mailbox and around the block. Two minutes in, and Cora goes “oh no!” and pees her pants….again! So we finished our walk to the mailbox and then headed straight back, where I changed her pants…again.

Going on with the night, we make dinner and then I draw a bath for Cora. She has a little cut on her foot and so when I put her in the bath she proceeded to cry because it hurt, and then peed standing in the bath tub.

And finally, after we finished bath time, I put her on the potty, got her dressed and in bed. Andrew and I said goodnight and left the room. A minute passed and and I hear Cora crying about something. She opens her bedroom door, and there she is with soaked pajama bottoms.

So yeah, I am a little frustrated right now. And, I am thinking there is just something about Apple Juice that messes with my daughters bladder. I’ve never connected her accidents to juice before, but now I am thinking that I will be watching her closely if she ever does have juice.

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