Photo of the Day

Daddy’s Girl From Day One


I took this photo the same time I took the photo of Andrew and I for an earlier post. I have been saving it for when I knew what I wanted to say to go with the photo. And now I am ready to share it.

It has been 2 years and 5 months since my wonderful husband became a dad. Growing up I always thought about myself being a wife and mom, when I thought of scenarios of how I would be as a mom I never thought about my husband parenting alongside me. Not for any reason, I was always just so excited to be a mom, that I never thought about my husband being a dad. That is until Andrew and I found out we were pregnant and suddenly I found myself wondering how he would do as a father. I had never really seen him with little children, except for occasionally with my nieces and nephews. But I trusted that since he was a good husband,  he would be a good dad.

And I was right. But I honestly believe that Cora was sent to us first so that she could make him a dad! If that makes sense. It’s like she planned to come first because she wanted to have all of his attention from day one.

When Cora was born, we did not have the typical newborn experience. Cora had to go to the NICU, and so they brought her to me to say a temporary goodbye without much explanation and Andrew went with her. This was already discussed and planned out since Andrew and I knew there was a chance she would need to go to the NICU with my high risk pregnancy. So he went with Cora and sent me pictures until I was able to meet her. He was gone for an hour, came back to check on me and then if I remember right bounced between the two of us for an hour until I was able to meet her.

I don’t know much about what Andrew experienced with her in that hour of them together in the NICU. He hasn’t said much, and I haven’t asked. It could be that there was nothing much to tell, or maybe it is a sacred experience. This could be totally off, but I can’t help but feel like something special happened between Andrew and Cora in that time together. From the get go you could tell that Cora had a special place for Andrew in her heart. Still to this day Andrew can comfort her and calm her when she is hurt or sad a lot better than I can. And he can make her smile and laugh easier than I can.

Andrew, and I, but mostly Andrew, was afraid that Cora would forget who he was being only 18 months old when he left for basic training. But she never did. In fact, as far as I could tell she never even got close. She knew who he was the whole time and whenever we visited she was always so excited to see him. And there were times that although she couldn’t express it, I felt she missed him. She missed his hugs and comfort. Like, Cora would get hurt and she would cry a little longer than normal and sometimes I would feel like she was wishing it was her dad comforting her.

I don’t know why I wanted to talk about this. I guess mainly because I cherish their relationship. I love watching it grow stronger. And I feel so blessed to have a husband who is not only here and involved in our lives, but is such a good and loving father that I’m pretty sure Cora would choose him over me any day. Haha, and I think that’s great. Luckily, she wont ever have to choose.

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