Photo of the Day

I Need A Vacation


Today was a day much like yesterday. It started alright but then my stress levels got higher and higher and then I started getting super cranky. So I didn’t get around to taking any pictures today. I’m feeling overwhelmed with life right now, which is why I got to 9:00 pm and realized I didn’t even think about my photo of the day!!!!!

Anyway, here is a picture I took of the sunset a few weeks ago! It’s a relaxing photo that I need to see and am currently trying to absorb it’s zen qualities.

Cora colored on her kids sized arm chair that she got as a gift for Christmas from her Nonna (Sorry Susan!) and I spent a good hour and a half looking up videos on how to remove ink from upholstery, only to find out that different methods will work better than others depending on the fabric which is why I ended up making the ink spread and making it worse! I did get it mostly gone after a lot of scrubbing with water, carpet cleaner, and vacuuming the water and ink out with a shop vac. But there is still a bluish stain on the arm and the back mocking me….

I gave Cora gold fish which she ate most of and then crumbled the rest of them in her hands and spilled them all over our couch. So I had to wipe those up. I was too lazy to take off the couch cushion and look under those and in the cracks, so I am sure I will find those later.

And to top it off Cora got into a box of baby food I have stored for when Crew is ready to start eating and Cora dumped an ENTIRE large container of dry baby cereal ALL over the kitchen floor. She somehow got it all in her panties as well, so that was a surprise when I took her to the potty later on.

So yeah, I could use some zen in my life right now. Also, I am not even sure I know what zen means, so hopefully I am using it correctly. I do want to note that in true parenting fashion I tried to get my 2 year old to help me clean up her mess as best as I could but you know, she is 2, so that wasn’t super successful. One day she will be old enough to clean the marker off of the wall and cry as she does because she knows what she did wrong and does not want to clean up her mess (I am drawing this from a personal memory I have when I was little), but today is not that day. It felt like I was being cheated because she liked trying to sweep up the cereal, it was fun for her and annoying for me. So eventually I just told her to go play in her toy room because whats the point (this is after I put her in time out for 2 minutes, I am not a complete pushover!).

Alright, well that was my day. I hope yours was a little less chaotic. If it was worse, my heart goes out to you and please picture yourself on this beach, watching this sunset with a tropical drink in your hand and hopefully that makes you feel better like it does me!

I need a vacation.

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