Photo of the Day

I’m Sorry. Thank You.


Dear Andrew,

Today was hard. I woke up feeling good and as the day went on the more overwhelmed I felt about all the things I had to get done, the more stressed I got with the kids, so that by the time you got home I was not in a very good mood. I’m sorry. I am sorry that I didn’t smile when you got home, and that I didn’t greet you with a kiss. I am sorry I was short in my words.

Thank you for being patient. Thank you for being understanding when I just had to get away for 20 minutes. Thank you for not getting frustrated and for letting me go even though you were tired from your day also.

Sweetie, I am sorry that things have been rough. I am sorry I am not myself and that a lot of my irritation gets directed at you. I am sorry that I am a little crazy sometimes. I am sorry for my impatience.

Thank you for helping. Thank you for doing load after load of laundry during your class break. Thank you for pushing me to start my photography so that I could have an outlet. Thank you for watching the kids as I run off to do photo shoots. Thank you for taking the crazy, the emotional roller coaster, the tears, the eye rolls, the outbursts and everything else like a champ. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving me in my imperfections.

I’m sorry, and thank you. Andrew, I pray that we always use these words. That we overuse these words if we have to. I am very far from perfect. Our relationship has a lot of room for growth. But as long as we are always willing to say “sorry.” And we remember to say “thank you,” I know we are going to be ok. I know we will last.

You have taught me a lot about humility. I never thought I was a stubborn person until one of our first big fights when I was determined to give you the silent treatment and expected the same from you. But instead you turned to me and with a pained face that I will never forget, you asked me to talk to you and take your apology and work through it with you. You humbled me, you strengthened me, and you challenged me to grow.

As long as we say “I’m sorry,” and mean it, we can grow.

I am truly lucky to have you. I never thought someone could love me as you love me. And often times it still doesn’t make sense in my head. So my insecurities get to me, and like a silly little girl, I ask you if you still love me, and you look at me exasperatingly and always say yes.

Thank you for always saying yes, thank you for loving me and my dorky, insecure self. Thank you for being my husband.

I love you forever,


P.S. And thank you for humoring me and taking this photo with me even though you had no idea I was going to write this letter.

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