Photo of the Day

Time Goes On


Today was a pretty busy day, I went to two appointments, one for Cora and one for myself. As I was waiting for the doctor at my appointment, I was watching Crew as he just chilled in his car seat. I had one of those moments where I was just like, “woah…that’s my son, and how did he get so big so quickly.”

Does anyone else have those moments where they just can’t believe they are where they are. Like I have these moments where I am like, “holy crap! Andrew Bartholio, that kid I barely knew in High School is my husband. We have two kids. Those two adorable children, are mine!”

I seriously have those moments all the time!

And I feel like I have a hard time believing that Cora was ever that small/young, and yet at the same time I can’t believe that she is already 2 and I have a second child!

What happened! It seems like just the other day Andrew and I were newlyweds just living the dream in Utah. And now, here I am in California, in the Army, with two kids!

Time is so funny how it can fly by and yet seem like an eternity at the same time.

Now, my once tiny sweet, sleeping newborn is rolling around everywhere! It doesn’t take him more than just a few seconds to go from his back to his front and then he is pushing his feet trying to go places. And I look at him and I try to picture him as in a few years running around with no pants on, speaking gibberish like Cora is, and it’s hard to believe that that day will come. But time just moves on. It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t wait for us to be ready and watch, it just goes.

I know I can’t constantly watch my kids grow. Life gets in the way of that, but goodness it’s hard for me to comprehend that one day this sweet, chubby, little boy is going to be going on a mission (missionary work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) or off to college. I feel like he is going to stay little forever. But he wont, and that makes me both sad and excited.

I know I need to soak this all up, every stage. And I need to be better at doing that! Because before long he wont like me kissing his cute, squishy cheeks anymore.

And I LOVE his squishy cheeks…so much!

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