Photo of the Day

New Shoes


Ok, you can’t even see her shoes in this photo but I loved this photo so much I had to share it. Today Andrew and I took Cora to get new shoes. I feel like we just bought some not that long ago but I guess she is going through a little growth spurt. After we found her shoes, we went to a park we have never been to before, Dennis the Menace Park. It is a big park with a lot of fun things, and you know what. Cora fell a lot! She wasn’t used to her new shoes, so she was tripping here and there. And she was so excited about the park there were a few steps she didn’t see all together. She never cried. She just got back up and continued playing.

Today, I also talked to my friend Rachel about our dog. She has been misbehaving a lot lately and Rachel and I talked a lot about training techniques and she reminded me that Molly is probably still adjusting to us as her new family.

As I thought about our day and what I wanted to talk about in this post I thought about all the new things in my life. We have a new, sweet baby (relatively new), we are in a new place, we have a new dog (new to us), Andrew and I are in a new (or different) part of our lives. Just like my daughter needing to break in her new shoes and get used to them, and Molly adjusting to her new family, I need to be patient with myself and my husband and my family as we all adjust to these big new things in our lives. Why do I expect myself to figure everything out right away? I don’t expect Cora to perfectly adjust to being a big sister right away, and I didn’t expect Molly to perfectly adjust to a new family right away! So why do I expect to be able to handle a new dog, new home, new job for Andrew, new infant and everything else PERFECTLY! That’s unrealistic and not very nice.

It’s ok to trip and fall when we are adjusting to new things in life. The best thing we can do is pick ourselves back up, brush off the rocks from our hands and knees, and keep going!

Lessons from my toddler and her new shoes.

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