Photo of the Day

My Tribe. My People.


Technically, this photo isn’t great. It’s super grainy, the layout isn’t awesome, and the photo is full of distractions. But this photo makes me so happy! These are my people! Let me introduce you to them.

My husband. This is my amazing husband, Andrew. He is beyond patient with me, he is silly and loving, and loves me more than anything and shows that to me all the time! I feel incredibly treasured by him and I know that makes me a lucky girl! And I mean look at him, he is super sexy. He is not perfect, he spends an obnoxious amount of time in the bathroom and is basically a grumpy old man in a 25 year old’s body, but I love him dearly and will follow him to any adventure he wants to take me on as long as we are doing it together.

My daughter, Cora. If you have met Cora then you would understand what I mean when I say she is a ray of sunshine. Cora chooses to be happy 95% of the time. She is upbeat and silly and she lights up every room she is in. She a light in my life. She is also a toddler through and through and she is smart. So she tests my boundaries and my patience, she pushes and then right when I am about to explode she does exactly as I asked her. She is exactly what Andrew and I need in our lives and is a great big sister.

Which brings me to Crew. My beautiful boy! Crew is perfect. Because he is a baby. Cora was perfect once too. Haha! But Crew is squishy and sweet. He is a little shy but smiles easily at the people he loves. He melts my heart in so many ways. And yes, he cries and still considers me his number one pacifier, but we all adore him!

So that’s my tribe. I love them!

Today we went to see The Incredibles 2. It was Cora’s first time going to a movie where she was old enough to understand and be interested. She sat still the whole time and munched on popcorn! Crew did great too. It was seriously such a fun evening to spend with my family. Andrew has this whole week off of school, so you will be hearing a lot about my tribe this week! Ha, as if that wasn’t already what most of my blog posts were about.

Happy Monday!

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