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10 Things I Want To Do Before The Year Ends


So I saw someone I follow on Instagram post something like this and I liked it. Writing a list of things I want to do before the year ends. Here mine is!

Things I want to do before the year ends:

  1. Go to a restaurant featured on diners, drive ins, and drives.
  2. See a whale.
  3.  Go to big sur.
  4. Go to a movie with my hubby.
  5. Make a dress.
  6. Help someone in need.
  7. Go fishing.
  8. Do something extra special for my husband.
  9. Go camping.
  10. Go on a mini rd trip.
  11.  Read 3 books.

To start it off, I bought a book, “Girl, Wash Your Face.” I don’t typically read these types of books, I tend to just read fantasy and dystopian novels but I have seen way too many people recommend it. And I am in a position where I think I could really use some tough love and encouragement. Starting a photography business is stressful and I am constantly fighting a voice in my head telling me to give up!

I thought it was funny that I started reading chapter one in the bathroom so I had to take a picture. Cora was taking a bath, and I originally was reading it right next to the bathtub but quickly realized that unless I wanted every page to get wet, that was probably not the best idea!

What are some things you want to do before the year ends?


P.S. If you know me, you will know why this first page is hilarious to me!

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