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Where Is The Reset Button


Something must be in the air, because for some reason all my children, including our fur child (Molly) have been crazy the past week! Cora has decided that she forgot how to listen, and how to go to sleep. Molly has gotten into the trash can while we have been gone TWICE this week! Two days in a row! And even Crew has been a little cranky. Although, he has really been the best out of them all. But he is always the best, I mean, look at those cheeks. Anyway, it’s been one of those weeks where I think both Andrew and I are questioning our parenting abilities. Are we too soft on them? Are we too hard on them? What are we doing wrong!

Parenting is a roller coaster. And frankly when it comes to dogs, this is all new to me! Anyway, I know this will pass. I am sure it’s just a weird phase, but goodness…I am just glad it’s the weekend. I need a reset, you know? I wish there was a reset button sometimes. Like, lets stop all the shenanigans, and just restart!

If someone could sell that on Amazon…preferably Prime so I don’t have to pay for shipping, that’d be great!

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