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I Need Your Ideas…


Alright guys, I need your help. I need ideas for toddler treats and lunches. I am looking for healthy but easy ideas. I am currently stuck in a box that consists of sandwiches, chicken nuggets, apples, animal crackers, hot dogs, bananas and chips. Haha! I try to serve Cora healthy food but sometimes I have a hard time thinking of something fast. I also feel like she could use more vegetables in her life. But the last thing I have time to do is make homemade veggie nuggets or spinach breakfast quiche cups while my toddler is crying for food and my baby wants to be held. So bring on the ideas!

And now a little about my day….basically I did nothing but “mom” and do some work on the side. On an exciting note I almost started a fire in our oven as I was typing this. Our house is now filled with smoke and we have all the fans on and windows open. So, that’s fun!

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