Photo of the Day

Sibling Love


I caught this sweet moment today. While I was making dinner, Cora was playing with Crew. Multiple times it looked like she was just sitting on him and I was concerned that maybe she would hurt him, but then I would look at Crew and he was smiling the whole time! I love that the older Crew gets and the more time they spend with each other the more Cora shows affection and love toward him. Obviously, I know that there will be fighting eventually, but watching this sibling relationship grow is so fun to me. As the youngest of 6 kids in my family I never experienced the “new baby in the family” type of thing, so this is interesting for me to watch Cora transition from an only child to a big sister. It makes me so happy to see that Cora already loves her little brother.

I’m so lucky to have such great kids.

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