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The In-Laws Are Coming


Hehe, I actually like my in-laws, they are great! So if you came here to relate with a post about annoying in-laws unfortunately you will not find that here. However, I am going to talk about cleaning. So we might still have a heart to heart.

As I was saying, my in-laws are coming, so naturally I cleaned the house (Susan! Yes, I am going to clean the house when your coming whether I am sick or not, I’m not a monster! That is visiting in-laws 101.) Since I have not been feeling well and frankly this week has been a weird week I have not been on top of the house in general. So dishes were piled high, like so bad that there were dishes sitting beside the sink because the sink was too full. You know what I mean. And toys were everywhere and laundry piles were everywhere. And I was just so overwhelmed with how messy it was that it was hard even starting.

Does that happen to anyone else? I am not naturally a very clean person. I have definitely improved over the years. But I WANT a clean house and I feel the difference a clean house makes me feel (was that the right way to say that?). But when the house is dirty there becomes this weird, anxiety ridden, messy monster in me that just says “well, the house is dirty anyway so whats the point of cleaning it or trying to keep it clean!” And then it takes a lot of energy for me to even start cleaning. But! Once I get started I get on a role and I really like it. Well, as much as anyone normal human being can like cleaning.

Anyway, I’m working on being a tidy person in general. It’s not easy, and I am really jealous of those who have a natural ability to be clean and organized. For those of you who are like me, and don’t possess the Mr. Clean gene I really like these few tips and they have helped me a lot.

  1. Keep decorations simple. Don’t be afraid of bare walls and surfaces. Too much decoration can feel like the house is cluttered.
  2. If it doesn’t have a designated place, get rid of it. Everything needs a place.
  3. If it will take less than a minute to put away, clean, etc, than do it right then. If not, “schedule” a time to do it later in your day.

There you go, tidy tips from an untidy person!

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