Photo of the Day

I’m Happy


Today I worked with my lovely friend, Katie Brown, on a small styled shoot. Katie was/is the creative director and it was so fun working with someone else. She helped me get out of my box and suggested different angles. It was so fun just doing what I love. For a long time I have felt kind of pointless. Which is so dumb because I am currently during the most important work of all, and that is being a mother and a wife. I take those roles so seriously and I love doing it. But I felt like I needed more. I don’t know why. But now that I have started my photography up again, it is amazing how much happier I am.

Andrew is doing classes here, and basically he goes to class in the morning, and comes home at night, eats dinner and does homework, and then we stay up too late because we desperately want some relaxation time together. And then we go to bed and repeat. So sometimes it feels like he is still gone at training, which is nothing against him. He is just in a busy and stressful part of his training right now. Anyway, picking up my photography has helped me find more purpose in my days and weeks as opposed to just help the kids, wait for my husband to get home, wait for him to finish his homework and then go to bed.

So this is nice. Really nice.

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