Photo of the Day

A Constant Need To Improve


So last night, Crew was in bed with Andrew and I kicking away because he just was not ready to go to sleep. Andrew fell asleep quickly as usual, and so I laid there in the dark and looked at my phone to distract me until Crew fell asleep. At one point, I looked down and Crew was staring at me. And when I looked at him, his sweet face lit up and he gave me the biggest grin. I can’t tell you how guilty I felt in that moment. Here I have this pure soul who currently loves me more than anything and loves looking at me and 100% relies on me, and I am spending more quality time with my phone!!!!

Let’s just say it hit me hard, and I felt bad and I tried to put my phone away and enjoy his cuddles, but it was hard to fight the temptation to look at my phone. You never realize how addicted you are to something until you try to stop. So that is going to be something I work on. The leaders in my church have invited the youth, and anyone else, to take a week long fast from social media. Currently, I can’t really do that because I am trying to build my photography business and social media is key. But I am going to try to limit how often I am looking at my phone and social media when I am around my family. You can ask me how I am doing with it in a few days, haha I will need the reason to be held accountable.

Look at that sweet face above. He will be my inspiration! I don’t want to miss his doting smiles while I have them.


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