Photo of the Day

Sundays Are Like Cupcakes…Sweet!


I could be wrong but I feel like whether your religious or not, whether you go to church or not, Sundays are usually set aside for families. And I love that. Just last night Andrew and I were talking about how often we have dinner with friends here, and we talked about how there are a lot of military members in this area in our church and so we don’t have families nearby. So instead of having family dinner we have dinner with friends. Which has really been helpful to get me through the home-sickness I feel on occasion. I miss my family!

This Sunday was great, we went to church (which is always uplifting), then we just hung out, had dinner and then Cora and I made cupcakes. It was so fun to have Cora help me count out how many cups of flour we were putting in the bowl and then to watch as Cora anxiously waited for the cupcakes to finish baking. These are things I wish I did more often with Cora, and honestly this photo of the day thing has really pushed me to find fun things to do and document it! I will cherish these photos forever.

Thank you for supporting me and being a part of this little journal I have started.

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