Photo of the Day

Must Love Dogs


If I’m being honest, I mostly only love MY dog. I’m not really a pets person. I wasn’t always that way, growing up I had loads of pets, and I loved cats. But that changed once my allergies to cats got worse and 1 to many dogs jumped and slobbered and shed on me. By the time I was 21, I no longer had any desire to own pets, ever. Then I got married, and I married into a dog loving family! Then I had Cora and she loves every dog she ever meets.

When Andrew joined the Army, I realized that someday I could be spending months living with our kids alone while my husband was deployed, and suddenly a dog didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Not to mention that just a few years ago, our house was broken into.

So, I accepted the fact that one day I would probably be getting a dog, and I waited for the right opportunity.

And it came. Yes, she is like a third child, and she sheds a ton (I bought a robotic vacuum to help me manage it, and it’s amazing!), but Molly has also helped Andrew and I relieve stress. Andrew comes home and he enjoys playing with her, and I enjoy the fresh air and break I get every day playing fetch with her. And come on, look at those eyes, she is beautiful!

I am happy that I stepped out of my box, and got a dog. Molly has filled a missing piece in our home. And now Andrew and I have a picture perfect family: Mom and Dad, their son and daughter, and of course, the dog!

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