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Don’t Forget That You Are A Mama’s Boy


Dear Crew,

I want to write a letter telling you how special you are to me. Your dad and Cora have a special bond. There is something about their relationship that is different than mine and Cora’s, and I have loved watching it grow. When I was pregnant with you and I found out that we were having a boy, I was so excited to have my mama’s boy! At the same time, I was worried that you wouldn’t be a mama’s boy. But now I see that you are and it makes my heart so happy.

You need to know that I have so many hopes for you. Like your sister, I will do my best to raise you to be independent, strong, kind, selfless, respectful, hard working, and loyal. By the time you are old enough to leave home, I hope that you will have learned how to take care of yourself, work hard for what you want, be financially smart, and be mature and strong enough to accomplish your dreams and stay out of trouble.

With all those hopes for you, I also pray you leave a piece of yourself home with me. I don’t want you living in my basement forever, but I do want you to visit often, and know that if you ever need help, our door is always open.

Your sister, if she is anything like me (and something tells me she is), will keep in touch easily. I will hear about her life often and your dad will feel a great responsibility to make sure she is always taken care of, even when she is married. But for you, it’s going to be different. You will have the responsibility to protect and care for your family. You will have a lot on your plate, but you must never forget your mom. You need to know that I will worry about you, that I will wonder about what you’re doing, and most of all I will miss you. I will miss the way you always needed to hold on to me in order to sleep when you were a baby. I will miss the scraped knees that need mommy’s special hugs and kisses. I will miss the times that my big teenage boy laid his head on my lap and once again has asked for me to scratch his back.

And while I wont say it or act on it, I will wish you could live with me forever, never meet another woman you love more than me, and just stay my baby boy! But I know better than that. I know I want you to have a family, and experience the beauty of loving someone so much that you choose to spend the rest of forever with them. I want you to know what its like to see that woman you love dearly sacrifice her body for your child, and to hold that child and realize it is your duty to love, and care, and make sure that sweet child becomes a good person.

I want all that. So, again I ask. Don’t forget me, the first woman who loved you, and the first woman you loved. Don’t forget the woman who watched you sleep and prayed that God would protect you every minute of every day. Don’t forget the woman who drove you to school and to practice. Don’t forget the woman who taught you how to hold the door open, and be respectful of everyone. Don’t forget the woman who held you when you cried. Don’t forget the woman who cried when you left for college, who cried when you got married, and who cried when she saw you become a dad.

Please don’t forget that your a mama’s boy, and you will always be my boy.



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