Photo of the Day

Not a 5-Star Photo


When it comes to technique and skill, this is not a 5-star photo. But to be honest, today was not a 5-star day and I was not a 5-star mom today.

The day started off just fine, and for the most part it was good. I had a meeting with a client that went great, and the kids weren’t in too bad of a mood. But everyday, something happens around 4:30 to 5:00 pm. I start getting antsy for Andrew to get home, Cora starts getting needy, Molly (our dog) starts following me around, and Crew…well he just basically stays the same because he is baby. Anyway, I guess today I was just not equipped to handle it. So I quickly unraveled and lost my mind! My patience wore thin and I was checking the clock every few minutes, praying my husband would be home soon. Just like a watched pot never boils, a watched clock never moves.

To pass the time, I played with my camera. It has bluetooth that can connect to my phone, and I can take photos using my phone as a remote. I took some pictures of me and the kids. I feel like this one accurately portrays how tired and done I am. Yes, Cora is giving me a cute hug, but that was probably the 10th time I asked her to come and sit and give me a hug, and she finally complied. My hat goes off to you moms of more than two, because right now, two kids feels like way too much!

This may not be a 5-star photo, but it’s 100% real.

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