Photo of the Day

Perfectly Imperfect


I think it’s safe to say you will see a lot of my children in these daily posts because they are my life. I wake up to them everyday and I put them to bed everyday, and while it’s tiring, I love it. I love being a mom.

You know what was happening when I took this photo? This was probably the 3rd time Cora brought over a flower to show me, and for some reason she still mixes the word flower with butterfly. So she was kneeling by this little patch of weed/flowers and says, “Mom! Look I got a butterfly.” So, once again, I put on my best excited face and asked her to come show me and proceeded to take pictures as she did. And I got this perfect photo. Cora looks exactly how she should look. Her hair is a mess, her smile is silly, there is food from last nights dinner on her sleeve because I still need to do the laundry. She is imperfect. She calls flowers butterflys, her hair is constantly in her eyes, and she is a talker, to the point where I feel like I am going to explode with annoyance. But these are the things that make her perfectly imperfect. And I love that about her.

I mean who wants to be perfect anyway, that’s boring.

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