Photo of the Day

Enjoy the Silence

DSC_0751I took a very lovely photo of a sandwich I had for lunch today, but all day I tried to think of ways I could make it interesting. I tried to think how I could make that sandwich photo mean something. Not that every photo I take has to have a meaning, these are just photos of my everyday life after all! But I just didn’t feel happy with the idea if showing you the photo of my grapes and sandwich, no matter how pretty the grapes looked. Well, as Andrew and I got Cora in bed I saw that it was getting dark so I decided to practice my night photography. Not going to lie it was hard to find a good shot only because I just went around my neighborhood.

Anyway, it was so nice to enjoy the silence (sort of, we do live close to a highway). To not hear crying, or talking, or anything! I don’t get that very often.

When I came home Andrew had Crew in his arms (he was asleep for a total of maybe 15 minutes) and the night continued with Cora coming out of her room every few minutes for about an hour. Well, the silence was nice while it lasted!

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