Photo of the Day

A Bowl of Cereal


Every morning Cora asks for cereal for breakfast. She loves cereal, she will even try to convince me to give her cereal for lunch and dinner. So, it was no surprise when she walked into my bedroom saying under her breath that she wants cereal. I got up, took her downstairs, and gave her a bowl. Then I sat down thinking about what I wanted to take a picture of today. It didn’t take me long to realize that taking a picture of my cute daughter eating her favorite meal would be perfect.

I may only have a few more years of my daughter walking into my room and asking me to serve her a bowl of cereal. In a short time, she will be able to wake up and go downstairs herself. One day she will be big enough to get a chair and push it over to the cabinet to get a bowl. And then she will continue to grow, and she will be able to reach a bowl by just standing on her tip toes. Before I know it, she will be in an apartment somewhere, gulping down a bowl of cereal before rushing to a college class, or a job, or whatever. In just 20 to 30 years she may be waking up to her own child asking for their favorite breakfast cereal. Sure 25-ish years seems like a long time, but I know it will go by fast.

My point is, waking up and getting my daughter cereal seems like a small, silly, and sometimes tedious task. But I am sure one day I will miss waking up to her sweet voice saying, “Momma, can I have cereal?”

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