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Ari and Brandon

Ari and Brandon gave me the opportunity to take photos of them in their wedding dress and suit. First off, can we all just stare at the beauty that is Ari’s wedding dress! How unique and beautiful, and absolutely stunning on her. For these photos we went on the famous 17 Mile Drive. It’s too bad I didn’t have time to spare (mommy of a 4 month old, the boys gotta eat!) it would have been fun to go and look at the rest of the 17 Mile Drive. Hopefully, I can convince Andrew to do the drive with me some day.

Anyway, the photos turned out beautiful and so romantic. Here are some of my favorites. DSC_4545DSC_4563DSC_4568DSC_4576DSC_4609DSC_4628DSC_4649DSC_4652DSC_4666DSC_4695DSC_4699DSC_4711DSC_4688

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